Pricing, Deposits & Adoption Process

** We are so sorry but we have had to stop accepting applications until January 2022 - our current waiting list stretches out until 2024, which is a crazy-long time to wait for a puppy!  When we do start accepting applications again, here is a little information about our process:


Our puppies are $2,500 each. Hopefully, it helps to know that all the profits go to a worthy cause!  (Please see "Why We Do What We Do.")  It’s the same flat fee, no matter what sex or color.  Shipping is additional -  see our transport options below. 

Our Waiting List is made up of all the folks who have submitted a brief application and a non-refundable $25 application fee. The application is just a written statement or email which includes:  Your name, email address, city and state in which you live, number of family members living at home, and whether or not you have a fenced yard.  And then simply email me at for instructions about mailing the application and fee.  Please note: this $25 application fee is part of the application process and cannot be refunded. 

Here's how it all works… Once a pregnancy is confirmed, I will contact folks on the Waiting List and let them know that the $475 deposit is due in order for their name to be transferred to the Reserved List.  Folks are given about 1 week to respond, and if I don't hear from them, their name is moved to the bottom of the list.  This $25 application fee and the $475 deposit are applied to the $2,500 total and are non-refundable. If, however, you don’t fall in love with any of the puppies from the current litter, the deposit can be transferred to the next available slot on the waiting list of a future litter.  (Of course, if all the puppies are chosen before you have a chance to choose, then the $475 deposit can be refunded if you choose not to wait for the next litter).  

Okay, here’s the fun part!  Once the puppies are about 3 weeks old, we ask that you pick your puppy!  Although pictures will be posted on our website, you are encouraged to visit in person – this gives you a better idea of the puppy’s coloring, size, etc., plus it’s just downright fun!  It’s always a good idea to write down your questions before arriving, as most people forget everything they wanted to ask once they see the adorable pups.

The person who is first on the waiting list has a day to choose, then the second on the list has the next day to choose, etc. And then the hardest part... waiting all those weeks until you can bring home that special bundle of joy.  Typically puppies are ready to go to your home when they are 8 weeks of age (9 weeks, if flying).  We welcome you to come visit as often as you like – there’s nothing like starting that bonding process early and strong.  Otherwise, we will be updating you with lots of precious pictures all through those 5 long weeks of waiting!  Finally, the remaining $2,000 fee is due at least one week before the puppy goes home with you.


There is an additional $400 shipping fee.  We use Delta or American Airlines. Puppies must be at least 9 weeks of age to fly.


Final Payment Types that We Accept:
Cashier's Check

Personal Check - postmarked 14 days in advance of receiving puppy