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Why we do What we do

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In 2009, our daughter Erin and her husband Chris traveled to Zambia, Africa with Family Legacy Missions International to work with orphans living in horrific poverty.  These children spent their little lives wandering the filthy streets of the slums, sleeping on dirt floors, often neglected and abused by their caretakers, and begging for an opportunity to go to school. Erin and Chris' hearts were automatically knitted to these precious children, and they returned home on fire, knowing that God was calling them to do all they could to help and to restore. 


Since that time, Family Legacy has become a family affair for all of us!  I (Tricia) have had the amazing honor and privilege to spend 9 summers working with the same group of girls, lovingly known as "my girls".  Through support for their caretakers, a superior Christian education, and tremendous love from U.S. sponsors, these girls have blossomed before my eyes.  I seriously would not believe these impossible-to-believe transformations if I hadn't witnessed them first hand.  My girls and their transformations are indeed miracles and blessings from God!

And so it has been an easy decision to dedicate all the profits from MorningSide Cavapoos & Cockapoos to Family Legacy and their amazing care of these children!  If you would like more information about Family Legacy, if you might be interested in sponsoring a child, or if you'd be interested in traveling to Zambia with us, just email me and I'd LOVE to talk with you further about this wonderful ministry!

To learn more - directly from the source - just go to their website...

Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you!


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