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Our Goals & Guarantees

Here at MorningSide Farm, we strive to bring joy to everyone who adopts one of our puppies.  We have always thoroughly and absolutely enjoyed dogs as important and well-loved members of our family -- we can't even begin to imagine life without our beloved canine companions.  And because of this, we have adopted the following goals and guarantees.

Prior to your puppy leaving us and heading to your home, we work hard to make sure that he is in excellent health.  At 6-8 weeks of age, each puppy has a veterinary health check and the 1st set of puppy shots, along with deworming meds as needed. You will need to have your pup seen by your veterinarian within the first 5 days of bringing him/her home to insure that he is in good health; the one-year health guarantee is contingent upon this veterinarian exam.  Your puppy will need to complete the rest of his puppy shots once he is home with you, and until that time, it's important to not take him to public places. 

In our purchase agreement, we ask that you also commit to providing your new puppy with adequate quality food, water, shelter and routine veterinary care throughout the dog's life. You are also agreeing to not keep your puppy in a kennel or crate for extended and unreasonable periods of time, or left outside in extreme hot or cold weather. Also, we strongly recommend that you do NOT allow your puppy to sleep on your bed until at least 6 months of age. If your puppy jumps off your bed (or anything that is higher than their height), it can cause serious injury. In fact, this is one of the chief causes of serious injury in puppies.  


We guarantee the health of your puppy for the first year of life against hereditary, life-threatening genetic defects involving the heart, liver and kidneys. Hereditary Degenerative Eye Defects and Syringomyelia are also warrantied for the first year, if life threatening. Life threatening is defined as "a genetic abnormality/disorder that will eventually cause the early death of the dog yielding a life expectancy of less than 5 years". This warranty does not cover “Innocent” puppy murmurs (grade 1-2 murmurs) that go away as a puppy grows, typically by 6 months of age. These are not considered life-threatening or indicative of heart problems in later life. A replacement puppy will be given if there is a grade 3-5 heart murmur present at 10-12 months of age.  In addition, underbites are not covered in this guarantee. 

This health guarantee is for the first year of life only, and all claims must be submitted on or before the puppy's first birthday. If during this time frame, a replacement puppy is deemed necessary by a Licensed Veterinarian due to an identified genetic life-threatening defect, the replacement will be made for a puppy of equal value. The Buyer must return the original puppy; no money will be refunded. In the unlikely event that a death from a genetic life-threatening defect occurs within the first year, a necropsy must be performed by a Licensed Veterinarian and a copy of the report forwarded to us. If our veterinarian concurs that the puppy did indeed pass away due to a genetic defect, we will replace your puppy as soon as one is available. All expenses are at the Buyer's expense including the licensed veterinarian tests, professional diagnosis and necropsy, if applicable, as well as the return shipping and shipping of the replacement puppy. If the Buyer declines the replacement puppy, then the Breeder shall be under no further obligation. THE BREEDER SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES OR OTHER COSTS THAT THE BUYER HAS INCURRED.

We do our very best to match puppies and forever homes.  If we feel that a match is not in the puppy's best interest, we reserve the right to terminate the contract even after a deposit has been received.  We will return the deposit quickly. 

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